A petition

In October 2017, following the fallout of the unanimous vote of the National Assembly to condemn the "Bonjour / Hi" in Montreal, the Couillard government created the English-speaking Secretariat for relations with English-speaking Quebeckers, a maneuver that proved itselft to be quite an electoralist one.

By 2023, $ 24.5 million in taxpayer dollars will be used to "support English-speaking citizens". It is a useless expense that presents no real mechanism of social integration, other than being ANOTHER waste of public funds. English-speaking Quebeckers are in a very good position in Quebec, they have access to pretty much all public and private services in both languages, and no, they are not second-class citizens either. This is a case of healthy public finance management. During the election campaign, François Legault made the promise to review the bogus Secretariat's mandate. We think rather that it should be abolished. Sign this petition if you agree and want the government to cut this useless program!

Will you sign?